Galatasaray Hatay

 Galatasaray continues to win one after the other. Missing player, young player, it doesn't matter. Although he did not play very well from time to time, Galatasaray was mostly in control of the match last night. Most importantly, Taylan was won. Emre Akbaba and Emre Kılınç are trying to play very well by taking more time because of the injured and suspended players. Most importantly, Diagne is an emotional actress. When he scores, he comes to himself. Last night he scored an absolutely brilliant and first class goal. Taking the middle from the right with his chest without falling offside and hitting it with his left foot from a difficult angle requires a full scorer's skill. In fact, no one expected such a complicated goal from Diagne. He couldn't throw the simple ones, he threw out the much harder ones. Feghouli especially took part in the organization alongside Taylan. In fact, he didn't play badly until he got tired. We're looking at the last 10 minutes. The chi